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    one of my favorite anecdotes ive ever been told, my friend rob once told me how he met a girl somewhere and really hit it off with her and they really clearly liked each other and both wanted to see each other again and they excitedly told each other some of their absolute favorite pieces of media and exchanged info and he went home and watched her favorite movie, ‘zeitgeist’, and decided never to contact her again

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  3. An Actual Film.


  4. woah… first time life was frustrating in a while. Fuck dogecoin man… nothing but uneducated retards killing the value of the currency. Have fun burning down your space ship…..
    — a real status from my facebook feed this evening 

  5. starting to wonder if photos of me resemble david from prometheus more than me 


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    I didn’t know this until restinpeaches told me about it yesterday, but you can play as the Doom Guy in the PC version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. Cool!



  12. it’s about some soldiers that were fighting
    — my boss, summarizing the plot of the first 300 film

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    Shinsuke Nakamura


  15. I recently made my 40,000th tweet on Twitter dot com.