1. The State of Games “Journalism” in 2013

    A picture speaks a thousand words easily applies to this image. The fact that an Op-Ed piece is “News,” the begging for social media interaction on the right, the wasteful dead space that serves no purpose, the use of promotional art in the headline, the straight white male games journalist smirking in the bottom right corner - do you lack integrity? Are you not a man - strong, proud, wise beyond your years? 

    Because all I see is a fucking greasy nerdworm defending his porny cleavage games on the Internet and doing a piss poor job of presenting it.

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    oh man you guys look what I found a gross nerd defending another gross nerd
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    oh man you guys look what I found a gross nerd defending another gross nerd
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    EDIT TO ADD: This is making me want to draw a sexualised male form of Saucy err, Sorceress. Let’s see how much “EUGH NO...
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    I’m adding “greasy nerdworm” to my lexicon.
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    *eyes roll into the back of my head* *eyes roll out of my head and languish on the floor*
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    My response to this is pretty much just ‘eeuuurrggghhhhhhhhh’.
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    The first words of the text itself are horrible enough, too. “Let me preface this article by stating a few simple facts....
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    I tried reading the article and got too pissed off. The Frazetta comparison was bad enough enough. The character design...
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